Dentist Norwood Porcelain Crowns

Norwood MA Procelain Crowns

In some situations, a tooth’s damage is beyond the repair of a filling. This doesn’t mean a person will need to get dentures, and they certainly won’t have to walk around with a missing tooth; in this type of situation, typically a crown is employed. A crown will cover the entire tooth, and act as a protective layer for the decayed or damaged tooth. Crowns have a natural-looking appearance, and can help restore a damaged tooth back to its’ original shape. Crowns are usually made out of a mixture of materials, but generally, a type of porcelain material is used in order to give it that natural, white appearance.  Upon completion, implementation of a crown will help make your impaired tooth look and feel natural, almost like it was never damaged in the first place! 


Porcelain Crowns Norwood MA

How it's done

The first step of the crown implementation process involves removing part of the tooth in order for the crown to fit properly. Once this step has been completed, the dentist will make an impression of your tooth using a specialized material. The impression will be sent off to a dental laboratory, where in return, they will create an identically-shaped permanent crown.  


Dental crowns typically take at least two visits to your dentist. During the first visit, the tooth impression is made, and the patient is given a temporary crown. Once the production of the permanent tooth is completed, the patient will return to our office, and the dentist will place the tooth temporarily to ensure the coloring matches and that it is a comfortable fit. If approved, the crown will then be permanently cemented to the damaged tooth.