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Orthodontic Treatment Options for You and Your Child in Norwood, MA


Our clinic performs a wide variety of orthodontic treatment services to help you get the straight, healthy smile that you deserve. By leveraging today's advanced techniques and technology, Norwood Orthodontists Dr. Matthew Miner, Dr. Felipe Moreno and Dr. Athena Seegert can restore your beautiful smile to help you maintain your youthful appearance. Whether you need to fix crooked teeth or need a complete smile makeover, we can offer a treatment plan that's right for you. Read below to learn more about some of the procedures we offer.


If you think one of these treatment options is right for you, or even if you are unsure, schedule a consultation in our office today! We can help you choose the right procedure to help you get the healthy, straight smile you have been looking for.

Braces for Children
        Braces are very beneficial to children and young teens. It can be harder to maintain adequate oral hygiene with crooked teeth, which can cause severe dental issues later down the road. Brushing as well as flossing...
Invisalign in Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Foxborough, Dover   What is Invisalign®?   Invisalign ® is way to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign® is also referred by...
Teen Invisalign
Teen Invisalign in Norwood, Westwood, Metfield, Dover, Walpole   Straightening teeth has come a long way. Braces work.   Yet, even though they come in bright colors these days, the brackets and steel wires still work the same...