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Born in Los Angeles, Ca., from a Danish father and an Ecuadorean mother, I embrace diversity. I’ve been a dentist for over 25 years, practicing in Encino, Ca. and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Consequently, I’m completely fluent in English and Spanish.


My practice is rooted in two equally important values: technical competence and care for the well-being of my patients. Leaving my patients who have trusted me, most of whom have become my friends after so many years of joyful interactions, has been  one of the most difficult parts of moving to Massachusetts.


I strongly encourage preventive care to protect my patient’s health and avoid their teeth’s deterioration. More than a profession, dentistry has been the calling of my life; a wonderful way to cooperate with people to increase, maintain, or regain their self-esteem by keeping a radiant, confident, beautiful smile for themselves and others.


I got my education at the University of Guayaquil (Doctor in Dental Surgery, graduating with honors,  Contenta Award: equivalent to Summa Cum Laude award), and  The University of Southern California, USC ( D.D.S and I did a 1 year continuing education program at the Advanced Prosthodontic program where I was given a 1 year certificate in Special Studies in Advanced Prosthodontics and Esthetics.). I’ve served people from all economic and social levels, including Presidents, Ambassadors, members of Congress and ministers in Ecuador. I was the consulting dentist for the American Consulate general in Guayaquil and consulting dentist for the American Embassy –Peace Corp Volunteers.


My hobbies are watching films, reading and listening to music at home. I love to cook and paint. I practice outdoor activities like biking, swimming, and camping. I’ve been following the Celtics and Red Sox for many years.


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