Dentist Norwood First Dental Exam

Pediatric Dental Exams in Norwood MA

What To Expect at your child's first Dental Exam

The age 1 care visit is similar to a well-baby check at the physician's office.


At the visit, you should expect the pediatric dentist or hygienist to:

1. Review your child's history

2. Respond to your questions and concerns

3. Talk with you about your child's overall oral health, including: 



                                -Bite (how your child's teeth will come together)

                                -Soft tissues such as gums and cheeks

                                -Oral habits such as sucking

                                -Factors that affect the risk of cavities, such as diet, hygiene practices,   

                                -How to prevent trauma to your child's mouth

                                 Pediatric Dentistry Norwood MA | Child Brushing

The pediatric dentist or hygienist may also clean your child's teeth. This is likely to occur if your child's teeth have a stain that commonly appears in infants. The dentist or hygienist also may apply fluoride, particularly if your child has a higher than average risk of developing cavities.


Re-care “Checkup” Appointments

Epic Dental re-care (recall) appointments with pediatric dentists Dr. Moreno and Dr. Seegert involves more than "just a cleaning." They view each re-care (recall) appointment as an opportunity to provide you and your child the tools needed to remain cavity free and healthy. Please take a look at the initial exam section above to see the types of services your child will receive at every re-care appointment. As your child grows and his/her oral hygiene or dietary habits change, so will the instructions we provide for maintaining your child’s health. 


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