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Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are an unorthodox way of straightening the teeth. They are just as effective; however, these braces tend to be more uncomfortable than fixed or ceramic braces. This type of method requires that the brackets and wires be placed behind the teeth, making them virtually invisible. 


The process for receiving lingual braces is similar to traditional braces - we take an impression of your teeth that's sent off to a dental laboratory so we can create custom brackets that fit comfortably and are still hidden. Depending on the severity of the patient's teeth, the treatment can last anywhere between a year and a half to two and a half years.


Caring for your lingual braces is much like your regular dental routine! Good oral hygiene is an essential part to make sure that you don't suffer from any cavities, decay, or other potential diseases. Make sure you're brushing twice a day for at least two minutes, using the best toothbrush for your treatment, flossing daily (you may have to floss more than once or twice a day, depending on the kinds of food you eat and how likely they are to get stuck in between your teeth), and rinsing after you're finished.


Lingual braces can be an extremely beneficial treatment for patients of all ages, especially adults who feel embarrassed about needing orthodontics. Older patients feel as if braces will hinder their personal and professional life and typically ignore their dental needs in this category, but thankfully, Epic Dental has the right solution for you.


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