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What is an orthodontist?


An orthodontist is a dental specialist who has successfully completed at least two academic years of continuously advanced studies in an orthodontic program of a dental school or institution approved by the American Dental Association. This advanced training includes such diverse studies as physics, embryology, genetics, human growth and development, cephalometrics, biophysics and mechanical engineering. Only dentists with this advanced education can announce that they are orthodontists.



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Why would you need orthodontic treatment?


There are two general causes of orthodontic problems, inherited and acquired.


Inherited: Most malocclusions are inherited. Some of the results of heredity include crowding, spacing, extra or missing teeth, cleft palate and various irregularities of the jaws and face. Many of these problems affect facial appearance, as well as teeth. In fact, 29% of orthodontic problems are skeletal and must be treated during the growth spurt to be successfully treated. Those problems are classified as severe cases in which treatment is considered either highly desirable or mandatory.


Acquired: Acquired causes may include thumb or finger sucking, tongue thrusting, breathing restrictions by tonsils and adenoids, accidents involving the teeth and face, dental disease and premature loss or primary or permanent teeth. These problems can also affect facial appearance and teeth.


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