Dentist Norwood Periodontics

Importance of Periodontal Treatment from Your Norwood MA Dentists

If your oral care isn't being properly monitored on a daily basis (including brushing and flossing twice a day, as well as a healthy diet), your teeth aren't the only ones in danger! Your gums, made of soft tissue that surround the bottom portion of your teeth, are just as sensitive and can severely damage your smile.


With the help of your dentists in Norwood, we want to inform our patients about periodontal disease, AKA gum disease. This is an infection of the gums that's caused by plaque building up on the gums and around the teeth. This can make the gums red, swollen, and extremely sensitive. Patients may even experience bleeding while they're eating, drinking and brushing their teeth.


Over a period of time, a patient with gum disease will experience their gums pulling away from their teeth. Pockets will begin to form in between the teeth, where bacteria and germs can get trapped, making it even more difficult to remove. This will cause your teeth and gums to become weak and vulnerable.


If gum disease isn't properly treated, a patient is more likely to lose one or more of their teeth! It is also very difficult to receive dental implants if a patient has periodontal disease, as there isn't enough support from the gums to protect the teeth.


If you or someone you know is suffering from gum disease, don't hesitate to contact your dentists in Norwood MA by calling our office at (781) 349-4750. Periodontal treatment can save your smile and we want to help!