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Straightening teeth has come a long way. Braces work.




Yet, even though they come in bright colors these days, the brackets and steel wires still work the same way. Food still gets stuck in them. Flossing and brushing are an adventure. And, when you’re a teenager sporting a mouthful of metal, easy and confident smiles can be hard to come by


All smiles. No sacrifices. Back when we were teenagers, putting up with the hassles of braces and feeling self-conscious about wearing them were necessary in order to get the smile you wanted. For today’s teens, getting through those formative years can be a little tougher. Thankfully, straightening their teeth with Invisalign TeenTM is a lot easier.


The advantages are clear. Invisalign Teen is a series of virtually invisible aligners that gradually straighten your teen’s teeth. And because they’re removable, proper dental hygiene is a cinch. Since most people won’t even know your teen is wearing Invisalign, they’ll have the confidence to keep on smiling. Best of all, treatment costs about as much as braces, and fewer doctor visits take up less of your time. Our aligners even include a color-coded indicator that tells you how long your teen’s been wearing them. Find out why more and more moms are choosing Invisalign Teen.



Choosing how to straighten your teen’s teeth is a big decision. Visit our website to see what other teenagers and their parents have to say about us. Then take a few moments to take our Self Assessment together with your teenager. Invisalign Teen will help give your teenager the confidence of a great smile—and they’ll love you for it along the way.



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