Dentist Norwood Treatment for Children

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Braces are very beneficial to children and young teens. It can be harder to maintain adequate oral hygiene with crooked teeth, which can cause severe dental issues later down the road. Brushing as well as flossing are both more difficult for children with crooked teeth. This may put your child at increased risks for cavities, gingivitis, and future dental work requirements. Although it may seem expensive to get your child braces, it will not only save you thousands of dollars on future dental work, but it will also ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. 


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Reasons Why Your Child Should Get Braces:

Orthodontics will prevent tooth decay and problems later in life
When teeth are crooked, it makes brushing and flossing much more difficult. Statistics suggest that your child will have more cavities and will require more dental work in the absence of braces. The threat of gingivitis is also potent in children who cannot properly maintain their teeth. When comparing the potential cost of treating cavities, root canals, etc, braces are definitely a worthwhile investment.


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Your child will be more confident, have an increased self-esteem, and feel better about their appearance

It has been proven that a person’s smile is one of the first things people notice about them. Having a beautiful and healthy smile will highly increase your child’s self-esteem. Looking good makes people feel good, and with beautiful, healthy, straight teeth, there’s no reason not to smile!


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Your child’s breathing will improve

Braces have a lot of benefits. Generally when people think of braces, the first thing that pops into their mind is straighter teeth, however, this is only one of the many extraordinary benefits. Braces help to fix other oral issues and as a result can improve breathing. Sometimes braces can fix the misalignment of the roof in a child’s mouth, they can straighten teeth, and they can also help with misaligned jaws. This can help to alleviate breathing problems in your child. 


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