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Mouth Guards

Pediatric Dentistry Mouth Guards

Sports Guards
We strongly encourage the use of mouth guards for kids who play sports with the risk of falls or contact with other players or equipment. One of the most severe (and common) sports injuries is a cracked, broken, or lost tooth. Not only are these uncomfortable, but they can be expensive to fix and usually result in a lifetime of follow-up care.

While customizable, over-the-counter “boil & bite” mouth guards offer decent protection, they are often bulky and don’t fit well. And if a mouth guard is uncomfortable or makes it difficult to breath, your child is much less likely to wear it.

The most effective mouth guards are custom-made, which we can create for your child in one, painless visit to our office. All it takes is a dental impression. Custom mouth guards are generally a bit smaller and fit your child’s teeth more precisely, leading to a less cumbersome, more comfortable guard that your child is more likely to use.

Night Guards
Night Guards are custom mouth guards made to be worn by children who clench or grind their teeth while sleeping. Teeth grinding, also called “bruxism”, is experienced by up to a third of children, so it’s a fairly common. It tends to arise when either baby teeth or permanent teeth emerge, and generally it will go away on its own. However, if teeth grinding continues over an extended period of time, or if your child exhibits worn teeth or painful symptoms as a result, we strongly suggest bringing your child in for an evaluation, particularly if your child is older.

While baby tooth grinding may not cause lasting problems, excessive grinding of permanent teeth can cause damage, headaches, earaches, or TMD/TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders where the lower jaw becomes enflamed or stiff). At Epic Dental, we can create a custom-made night guard that will help minimize damage and discomfort as well as align your child’s bite by properly positioning the teeth.

Feel free to contact our dental office if you have any questions about mouth guards or to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists. We proudly serve Norwood, Walpole, and surrounding areas.

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