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Space Maintainers

Pediatric Dentistry Space Maintainers

Baby teeth are an integral part of a child’s dental development. One way they are important is to act as space holders and guides for future permanent teeth. Normally, a baby tooth is lost when the adult tooth is ready to erupt and replace it. However, sometimes children lose a baby tooth prematurely because of decay, an accident, or some other reason. In some such cases, an appliance called a space maintainer may be used to prevent remaining teeth from moving and hold the space until the adult replacement tooth is ready to come in.

Space maintainers are custom-made stainless steel appliances that are fixed in place by an Epic Dental dentist. We will evaluate your child’s unique situation, considering factors such as age and the position of the lost tooth to decide if a space maintainer is suitable. When appropriate, a space maintainer can reduce the likelihood of teeth moving in such a way as to require future orthodontic intervention.

We invite you to contact our Norwood pediatric dental office for more information about space maintainers or to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists. We proudly serve Norwood, Walpole, and surrounding areas.

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